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Supporting children at school with medical conditions

10 September 2014

The Department of Education has recently published some guidance on ways to support children with medical conditions including anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy and heart conditions so they have the best possible chance at participating fully in school.

The information includes:

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Calling all parents and carers - let us know your thoughts

4 September 2014

If you are a parent or carer of a child, and have used the Medicines for Children website, please let us know your thoughts. 

Please go to our survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/medicines-for-children-feedback

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Ramadan and medicines

25 June 2014

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and a time when many Muslims will fast between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

Some children and young people may therefore choose not to take medicines during this period. These usually include medicines taken by mouth (such as tablets, capsules and liquid medicines), through the nose and rectally (in the bottom). 

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New and updated leaflets

4 June 2014

As you may know, we are committed to reviewing all Medicine for Children leaflets every 3 years. Here are some of our most recently reviewed leaflets:

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We've been endorsed!

22 May 2014

The Medicines for Children team is proud to announce that the following organisations have endorsed Medicines for Children leaflets:

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New leaflets

20 March 2014

We have recently published two new leaflets:

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Our commitment to updating Medicines for Children leaflets

12 March 2014

We have been busy reviewing some of our early leaflets to ensure that they are up-to-date. In the last few months the Medicines for Children team and many health care professionals across the UK have helped review over 30 Medicines for Children leaflets, including:

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A new leaflet published

20 December 2013

We have recently published a new leaflet on Prednisolone (oral) for nephrotic syndrome.

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More leaflets published

13 November 2013

We have recently published some new leaflets:

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More leaflets published

6 August 2013

We have recently published some new leaflets:

  • Amlodipine for hypertension
  • Chlorphenamine maleate for allergy
  • Metformin hydrochloride for diabetes

These and many other leaflets about medicines prescribed to children can be found on our Search for a leaflet page.