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Welcome to our new website

Medicines for Children launched a new website on 18 October 2021!

October 18, 2021

Our original website has been in use since 2009, and while it worked well – receiving some 4 million hits a year – it badly needed modernizing. The new site contains the same extensive information on more than 200 medicines for children and how to give medicines, but we have made it easier to find and read the information that you are looking for.

We have already received lots of positive feedback on the new website. One parent told us,

“I found the website very easy to navigate. I liked the colours and liked that the information wasn’t too clinical, it was easy to read for someone not medically trained”.

Another told us

“I loved the leaflets especially the information about helping children to swallow tablets – I’ve not come across it before and I know it will help in the future.  It was easy to read and so informative”.

A paediatrician described the site as “Moving from good to brilliant”.

We have also made some important fixes “behind the scenes” so that the information can be updated more easily with changes being made across all 200+ medicines when guidance needs updating. These changes will free up our teams’ time to develop exciting new content, such as a podcast series on epilepsy.

The new website also provides more resources for health professionals, so they can find out about our work and get involved, and promotional materials that can be printed out to share with the local community. Again, we have received good feedback about the website and how useful it is for health professionals working with children:

This website is so brilliant! I use the resources a lot to help families!”

“My new favourite website that makes me appear knowledgeable about children’s medicines. Please share with every parent, carer and child and make them safer.”

Creating the new website represents a huge effort by many people. We would like to say a big thank you to Anna Rossiter, project manager for Medicines for Children, for managing development of the new website so brilliantly, and to the design team at Reason Digital. We are also grateful to our summer medical student intern Eva Usher, who worked with us over summer to help to transfer the content between the old and new websites. We would also like to thank our project partner WellChild for funding this important upgrade to Medicines for Children website.

We hope you enjoy our new website – please let us know what you think!