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Healthcare professionals needed by Medicines for Children to help review information leaflets

11 November 2015

Medicines for Children is currently recruiting paediatricians (trainees and consultants), pharmacists (pre-registration and senior), prescribing nurses and other healthcare professionals to review some of our existing medication information leaflets.

Our medicines leaflets need to be regularly checked for accuracy, to ensure they are up to date and reflect the latest evidence.

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Seeking your feedback on Medicines for Children

31 October 2015

The Medicines for Children team want your opinion on the ways we can improve the service offered by www.medicinesforchildren.org.uk.

We want to know what additional resources or services you would like the website to offer and what extra information you would find helpful.

Would you like to see more filmed material, or are there any specific medications that you would like more advice on?

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"As a parent/carer you want to be confident you’re doing it correctly with accurate information and not putting your child at risk."
Leanne Cooper