How we produce the medicines information

A step-by-step guide to how we produce leaflets

1. Writing the leaflet

Our leaflets are written by a team of volunteer authors – paediatricians (doctors who work with children) and pharmacists. Volunteers agree to follow our process for writing the leaflets, using our template, and inform us of any potential conflicts of interest.

Our primary source of evidence is the British National Formulary for Children, which provides prescribers, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals with sound, up-to-date information on the use of medicines for treating children.

The early draft is reviewed by a senior doctor or pharmacist who has experience with the medicine.

2. Editing the leaflet

A professional medical editor edits the leaflet to make sure it is clear and easy to read.

The editor works with the volunteer author to check that all of the medical information is correct.

3. Reviewing the leaflet

The Medicines for Children team designs the first draft of the leaflet.

Our two leads – a consultant paediatrician (senior children’s doctor) and a consultant paediatric pharmacist (senior pharmacist for children’s medicines) – read the draft leaflet.

They make sure the medical information is accurate, and make suggestions to the editor.

4. Consultation with healthcare professionals

The Medicines Committee is sent the new draft leaflet to check for any errors.

The Medicines Committee is a joint standing committee of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group. This includes paediatricians (doctors who work with children), pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

The two leads check and agree any changes.

5. Consultation with parents and carers

Next, the leaflet is sent to a group of parents and carers, based at WellChild. They make sure the leaflet really is clear and easy to read.

The two leads check and agree any changes.

6. Finalising the leaflet

The editor does a final check, and the Medicines for Children team make any changes to the design of the leaflet.

Two proofreaders check the leaflet for any errors.

Finally, the leaflet is sent to the Medicines Committee Chair to approve.

7. Publishing the leaflet

Only once it has been checked by this team of healthcare professionals, parents and carers, editor and proofreaders, do we publish the leaflet on our website – for you to read.

Of course, if we need to change anything on the leaflet after it is published (for example, if a medicine is no longer available, or if there is new scientific evidence that affects part of the leaflet), we remove the leaflet, make the changes, and re-publish it.

8. Reviewing the published leaflet

To make sure our leaflets are up-to-date, we review each leaflet once every three years.

For more information

Download the production process flowchart  (PDF, 5 pages)