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Medicines three times a day

16 February 2012

If your child is prescribed a medicine to be taken three times a day, you may wonder if they need to take it to school. But this is not usually needed.

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Asthma inhalers - new information leaflets

2 February 2012

We have published new information leaflets about medicines that are inhaled (breathed in) for asthma. Your child's doctor may prescribe one or more of these medicines for asthma.

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New leaflets about mesalazine for inflammatory bowel disease

30 January 2012

We have published new leaflets on a medicine called mesalazine, which is used to treat Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These are known as inflammatory bowel diseases.

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Experts say that penicillin doses in children need to be reviewed

19 December 2011

Medicines experts have published a report in the British Medical Journal about the doses (amount of medicine) of penicillin in children. Penicillin has been a common antibiotic medicine to treat bacterial infections for more than 50 years. The doses have been based on the age of the child, rather than on the weight of the child.

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Emily Maitlis writes to UK newspapers about our website

16 December 2011

Well known TV news journalist and WellChild Celebrity Ambassador Emily Maitlis has written to newspapers throughout the UK to tell them about the new Medicines for Children website.

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New website

12 December 2011

A new website and expanding information service for parents called Medicines for Children is launched today to help any parent who has ever been anxious when faced with giving medicine to their child at home.

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New dosing instructions on liquid paracetamol in children

8 December 2011

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the government agency responsible to make sure medicines work and are acceptably safe, has issued revised dosing instructions for healthcare professionals on liquid paracetamol.

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Leaflets in development

7 December 2011

We have 70 leaflets in development. Those due to be published soon include: