The ‘Ready Steady Go’ programme

Providing support for young people moving from children's to adult health services. In healthcare, the process of preparing, planning and moving from children's to adult services is called transitioning

May 25, 2021

TIER is an international team of healthcare professionals who have developed the ‘Ready Steady Go’ programme. This programme aims to support patients and their carers through the process of transitioning from children’s to adult services.

TIER works with patients and carers to empower children, young people and adults to manage their health condition, and to promote best practice and share resources amongst other health professionals. The Ready Steady Go programme provides much needed support to young people at a key time in their healthcare journey, as they prepare for the move from children’s to adult services. The TIER network team explain why planning for the transition process and preparing young people for the next steps is so important.

“We understand that moving away from a team of doctors and nurses that you have been with for many years can be scary, but hopefully by getting involved in the transition process, you will feel more confident and happier about the move.”

The TIER network team

​Who is the Ready Steady Go Programme for?

  • You, if you or your child, is over 11 years old with a long term condition

What is it?

  • A programme to help you gain the knowledge and skills to manage your own condition

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Improves long term outcomes
  • ​Helps you gain the confidence and skills to move to adult care


  • Ask your healthcare team about the Ready Steady Go programme and start by looking at the documents on the website.

Read more about the Ready Steady Go programme on the website here: www.readysteadygo.net/ready-steady-go