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New QR code posters for asthma and allergic conditions

These new posters enable quick access to our medicines information for conditions affecting many children and young people; asthma and allergic conditions. The posters are available to download and print out for parents and carers to access medicines information quickly and easily in clinic or hospital settings.

November 18, 2023

We have recently published two new posters in our QR code series on medicines commonly prescribed to children or young people who have asthma or allergies. These posters are designed to help share our information with parents and carers and can be displayed in asthma clinics, GP surgeries or hospital settings.

The two new posters are available to view here:

The other posters in our series are available to view online or download using the links below:

How to use these posters

  • We envisage health professionals downloading, printing and displaying these posters where parents and carers will see them, or using them during consultations to share information.
  • Parents and carers can scan the QR code for the medicine which their child has been prescribed.
  • Parents and carers may use the QR codes to share information with school and other people who care for their child.
  • The “General advice about children’s medicines” QR code poster can be put up in youth centres, nurseries, schools and health centres.

What posters would you like to see?

If you would like any additional posters to be developed, we can create posters covering medicines for other conditions and clinical settings, please contact the team at