Medicines for Children in the “Red Book”

March 22, 2016

The Personal Child Health Record (PCHR) – known as the “red book” – will now include information about Medicines for Children.

Every child in the UK is given a PCHR at birth. It provides a vital record of, for example, the birth, health issues, the timetable for childhood vaccinations, and charts to record growth and development.

The PCHR also provides information and advice about local and national services, such as NHS Direct, and sources of support on issues such as feeding, sleeping, education and family.

Andy Fox, chair of the Medicines for Children project board commented:

“We are delighted that the red book now includes information about Medicines for Children, as this will mean that every new parent in the UK knows where to find reliable information about medicines that their children are taking. This endorses our growing reputation as a trusted source of information on this important issue”.

To read more about the Personal Child Health Record and to view the current version online, please click here.