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Please see our new posters giving more information about the resources available for parents and carers on Medicines for Children. These posters have been designed to be printed and displayed in a GP or hospital waiting area, or within a pharmacy, so parents know where they can go to for accurate and reliable information on their child's medicines. 

Medicines for Children relies on the goodwill of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other prescribing professionals experienced in looking after children and young people

Medicial expertise and experience is vital in the development of up to date medicines information for parents and carers. This information must also be practical, accurate and expressed in a way that is easy to understand for non-medical persons.

There are always many opportunities for health care professionals to get involved in the work of Medicines for Children. The role that health care professionals play is most important when it comes to producing the medicines information leaflets which rely on their many years of practical knowledge gained from working with families. Within this task, health care professionals can get involved in two ways:

  1. Developing new information leaflets (please see list of current leaflets awaiting author)
  2. Reviewing existing information leaflets (please see list of leaflets approaching review date)

It usually takes our authors 1–2 hours to write a leaflet, and 30–45 minutes to review an existing leaflet. We provide authors with a detailed template; the information in the leaflets is largely based on the British National Formulary for Children and the author’s own experience.

If you are a health care professional and would like to work on developing or reviewing any medicines leaflets from the above lists, please get in touch

Health care professionals can also help to advertise Medicines for Children to the parents / carers of their young patients by downloading and sharing flyers:

In addition, health care professionals are encouraged to get in touch if they have any suggestions for new medicines leaflets that they need in their practice, or ideas on how we can improve our leaflets or website, or promote this resource.

Privacy notice

Click the link below to read our privacy statement, which covers how we use and store your data when you volunteer to review or develop information leaflets for Medicine for Children.