Resources for health professionals

Medicines for Children relies on the goodwill of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other prescribing professionals experienced in looking after children and young people

There are always many opportunities for health care professionals to get involved in the work of Medicines for Children.

The development of new medicines information

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The most important role that health care professionals play is in the development of the medicines information leaflets which rely on their many years of practical knowledge gained from working with families.

Medical expertise and experience is vital in the development of up to date medicines information for parents and carers. This information must also be practical, accurate and expressed in a way that is easy to understand for non-medical persons.

Within this task, health care professionals can get involved in two ways:

  1. Developing new medicines information
  2. Reviewing existing medicines information

It usually takes our authors 2โ€“3 hours to develop information on a new medicine, and 30โ€“45 minutes to review an existing medicine. We provide authors with a detailed template; the information in the leaflets is largely based on the British National Formulary for Children (BNF-C) and the authorโ€™s own experience. Each medicines leaflet then needs reviewing every 3 years to make sure that the information and guidance on that medicine has not changed. This involves checking the latest published information on the medicine using the most recent version of the BNF-C and the latest drug monographs.

If you are a health care professional and would like to work on developing or reviewing any medicines, please get in touch via email.

Promoting our resources to families

Health care professionals are invited to help promote the Medicines for Children website and its resources to parents/carers who may need the medicines information by downloading and sharing our flyers or putting up posters in their clinics:

Health care professionals are also welcome to share flyers for Medicines for Children with other health care professionals and their colleagues at conferences or meetings:

Opportunity to join the Medicines for Children project board

Medicines for Children is run by a group of representatives from the RCPCH, the NPPG and WellChild, as well as other medical professionals who work in areas of child health including nursing, General Practice, and medical trainees. At any one time there are around 10 members of the Medicines for Children board. The board meets three times a year (February, June, October) with meetings lasting around 1hr 30 in length. The meetings cover a wide range of topics concerning the governance and strategy of Medicines for Children and plans for the future. The meetings are often very enjoyable as well as productive.

Our much respected Vice Chair, Dr Helen Sammons, is stepping down from the board after many years working with Medicines for Children. Dr Sammons holds one of the consultant paediatrician roles on the board, representing the RCPCH. We will soon be recruiting for Dr Sammon’s replacement. If you are a consultant paediatrician and a member of the RCPCH please do send us an email for more information about what the role will entail:

Suggesting new topics and medicines

Health care professionals are encouraged to share any suggestions for new medicines that they need in their daily work, or any ideas on how we can improve our leaflets or website, or further ideas on how to promote Medicines for Children. Please get in touch with us at

Privacy notice
Click the link below to read our privacy statement. It covers how we use and store your data when you volunteer to review or develop information for Medicine for Children.

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