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New medicines leaflets

4 March 2013

We have recently published some new leaflets:

  • ferrous sulfate for iron deficiency anaemia
  • loperamide for diarrhoea
  • mebendazole for worm infections
  • nifedipine for increased blood pressure

We have made a small update to our leaflet on melatonin for sleep disorders.

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For healthcare professionals and stakeholders

8 February 2013

Two flyers introducing Medicines for Children to parents and carers and to healthcare professionals are available to download from the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health website.

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New medicines leaflets

21 December 2012

Our newest leaflets are:

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New leaflets on medicines for children

23 November 2012

This month we have published several new leaflets about medicines that are prescribed to children.

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New medicines leaflets

29 May 2012

We have published new leaflets on a range of medicines. Follow the links to read or download the leaflets.

Nephrotic syndrome

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New leaflets about mesalazine for inflammatory bowel disease

30 January 2012

We have published new leaflets on a medicine called mesalazine, which is used to treat Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These are known as inflammatory bowel diseases.